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Hi there I’m Sharon.My Chemical Free Romance Home Page

Thanks for popping by and checking out how you too can live a healthier more Chemical Free life, the easy way!!

If you fear that your toothpaste, deodorant, mascara and sunscreen might be affecting your health then you are definitely not alone.

On a daily basis we willingly ingest, breathe in, rub onto our bodies and are generally exposed to an unimaginable amount of nasty chemicals.  So I decided to do all I possibly could to eliminate these for 30 days.

I’ve continue to live pretty much Chemical Free ever since. And have developed some user-friendly programs to help you on your own Chemical Free Romance.

I’ve tried and tested most brands out there and by compiling boxes of my favourite products I’ve done all the hard work for you.  You no longer need to trek from shop to shop to find the brands I recommend, they will simply be delivered to your door.  Saving you time and money – gotta love that!

Be it cleaning products, skincare, make up or more, shopping Chemical Free has never been so easy.

This site is packed with information and great products so please take a look around. And remember the information is general in nature and provided as reference material only. Please see a health professional to get personalised advice before making any changes to your diet and health.

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Why “BPA-Free” just isn’t good enough.

Why “BPA-Free” just isn’t good enough.

I get asked all the time about the easiest way to cut nasty chemicals out of people’s everyday life. And one of my first recommendations is always to look at their plastics. This is usually quickly followed by “Don’t worry I’ve got that part covered already, they’re all BPA-Free”. If only it was that simple. […]

Is “anti-bacterial” doing us more harm than good?

Is “anti-bacterial” doing us more harm than good?

In a word – yes!!!! This is because bacteria shouldn’t be a dirty word – we literally need good bacteria to survive. Each of us has more bacteria cells inside of us than human cells, isn’t that just incredible!!!! And we need the good ones to act as our first line of defence against the […]

Start counting Chemicals not Calories

Start counting Chemicals not Calories

Can it really be true?  Could Toxins be making, and keeping, us fat? Well there’s definitely some scary numbers floating about out there that could strongly imply this.  Check these out… A whopping 2.1 billion people globally are obese or overweight!! That’s a massive 30% of the worlds population and a 250% increase from 1980. Since 1980 the […]

6 everyday chemicals linked to infertility

6 everyday chemicals linked to infertility

The World Health Organisation defines infertility as “the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected intercourse.” Infertility is far more common than most people think. Studies show 1 in 6 couples worldwide have difficulty conceiving in the first 12 months of trying. With ovulation and sperm deficiencies accounting […]